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BEL41 - Old Vic III - Sold april 2022

Old Vic III: International Dragon class boat

Wood carvel planked

Built 1967 by Abeking & Rasmussen, Leeuwarden i/o

The boat was delivered to a Belgian owner in the summer months 1967.

Begin the Seventies she was sailed across the Channel to the Petticrows yard in Burnham-on-Crouch, to be fitted with an aluminium mast. The first in the Belgian dragon fleet;

J.Elleboudt was her skipper and she was many years crowned as Belgian Champion and

participated in several international races.

After 1973, when de International Dragon was no longer an Olympic class sailboat, there was less enthusiasm and she was sold to another owner. He loved the dragon but was not a raceman. After some years was sold again. The new owner admired her slim looks and was more of a family boat man.

A dragon in the North Sea suffers a lot. Both owners have done necessary repairs but did not invest in keeping the boat in race going conditions.

The dragon class as such during these years, accepted a great number of changes in fittings, but they were not implemented on board of Old Vic III.

After the owner passed away in the years 90, she was sailed from time to time by his widow.

Keeping the boat going was a lot of trouble and after some years she decided to lay-up the boat in a yard in Ostend.

Second life.

In 2007 she sold the boat to the present owner.

The first year the boat was sailed nearly in the state it was at that moment. Only small repairs were made but soon a new mast and modern fittings from Petticrows were installed and Quantum sails were acquired; But she was no longer able to withstand the rough weathers and it was decided to make a thorough overhaul. The following seasons she did much better but there were still many problems. Necessary steps in revamping the boat were taken each year..

Some planks were renewed, ring frames replaced where necessary. Most. The teak deck was renewed, spinnaker retriever hatch installed, The deck was made completely flush. The winches for the genoa were now under deck.

The boat was fitted out for modern racing. A battery electric pump was also installed

In 2018 she received a new set of sails designed by UK Sailmakers.

In 2017 -2018 the underwater part of the hull was covered with fiberglass. This has eliminated the yearly hassle of pumping when the boat is launched and the planking is still too dry.

In 2020 the boat has been revarnished.

Over the years the maintenance of the boat has been effective as well as for the trailer; Latter has passed the technical control valid till 2023.

The trailer is a 1986 Kufer anhänger.


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